About our Service

Below is a summary of our service.

NO upfront fees – all and / or any fees are recovered during the process.

No financial situation is without hope. Financial difficulty is a reality for many of us. The rising cost of credit may leave you finding things a little tight at the end of each month. Working together we can create a solution to help you overcome your debt worries, while shielding you against creditors who want to take legal action.

Instituted in June 2007 with the implementation of the National Credit Act, Debt Counselling is a highly effective credit management solution focussed on helping over-indebted individuals to meet their commitments in a way that suits both their creditors and their pocket.

It offers protection against legal action from creditors and the long-term effects of being placed into personal administration. It also provides individuals with a way to repay their debts while ensuring that they still have the ability to meet their daily living expenses.

Our aim is to have you debt free within 5 years. This can only be done by applying the NCR Task Team Guidelines and decreasing your interest rates to 0%. Below is an estimated repayment proposal.


TOTAL Debt Outstanding 5 Year Term
R 50 000 R 975
R 75 000 R 1450
R 100 000 R 1900
R 150 000 R 2800
R 200 000 R 3750
R 250 000 R 4700
R 300 000 R 5625
R 350 000 R 6600


Very important:

  1. ALL debt must be submitted.
  2. You may not incur any further debt while under debt review.
  3. If married ICOP, both parties must apply.


Confidentiality and integrity form cornerstones of our service. We are available after hours on certain days.