Tricks to Stop Using Your Credit Card

You are probably aware that your debt is starting to mounting up, but you are finding it hard to stop using your credit cards because they are easy to use for those splurge buys and even everyday expenses, but if you are drowning in debt then you need to stop using your credit cards before you go under.

Lock Them Away

Put your credit cards in a place that would require effort in order for you to get them. You can control your need to use your credit cards by keeping them out of your reach. You could even freeze your credit cards in a bowl of water.

Close Your Cards

You can call your cardholder to have your credit card to become inactive. Your credit score will take a negative hit when you close a credit card, so make sure the card your closing isn’t one that should be left open. However, it might be worth taking the credit hit if it stops you spending more than you have.

Shred Them

Shred your credit cards into pieces, because you can then definitely not use them. If you don’t have a shredder then use scissors and cut your cards into small pieces so that the credit card number can’t be guessed by identity thieves.

Leave Them at Home

Before you go shopping, take your credit cards out of your wallet and leave them at home. If you get an impulse to buy something, you will need to use cash or you will need to come back with your credit card, but by that time your impulse to buy may have gone.

Practice Self-Control

You should practice self-control and self-discipline to stop using your credit cards. You should think twice before you decide to swipe your credit card.

Shock Yourself

Have you ever really looked at the interest you are paying on your credit cards? Well if not, you should. You will be able to see the interest you are paying on your credit card statements and when you add a year’s worth of interest, you might be surprised at the total and could think of better ways that money could be spent.

Credit cards are easy to use and it is because of this ease that we continuously use them and just think we will pay it off later, however, credit card debt can quickly mount up so stop using your credit cards and pay off your debt, for a debt free life.